We are a coalition of organizations and individuals working to create a strong, unified and sustained consumer voice for quality health care coverage for all people.  We seek partners who are committed to a high-quality, consumer-centered health care system. Louisiana Justice Institute launched this effort with participation from the following: Colette Pichon Battle, Moving Forward Gulf Coast Inc.; Carrie Broussard, Tobacco Free Living;  Alice Craft-Kerney, Lower 9th Ward Clinic; Dr. Joia Crear-Perry;  Tanya Harris, ACORN; Russell Henderson; Pastor Edward Jones, Galilee Baptist Church; Mary Joseph, Children's Defense Fund; Nancy McPherson, AARP; Rosia Metoyer, Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation; Pastor Charles Smith, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church; and Dr. Beverly Wright, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice

Mission statement
The Louisiana Consumer Healthcare Coalition works for the creation of a consumer-centered health care system that provides comprehensive, affordable, accessible, culturally competent, high quality care and consumer education for everyone, especially the most vulnerable. We work to achieve this through multi-disciplinary, collaborative efforts in public policy, advocacy, education and service to consumers in Louisiana.

Our core values
  • Equity: We believe quality health care is a basic human right, and it must be accessible for everyone. 
  • Collaboration and Community: We value community building and collaboration among our partners and consumers as our source of strength and as our key to positive change.
  • Consumer Voice: We will supply strategies and tools to empower the consumer voice in the work of improving the health care system for everyone.
  • Diversity: We value acceptance of and respect for each individual and community and strive to achieve representation of the communities we serve in our staff, board and coalitions.
  • Education and Awareness: We value educating consumers about their rights and options in the health care system so they can access the resources they need.
  • Transparency: To build trust among all stakeholders, we believe everyone should have fair and equitable access to information and processes about all aspects of the health system, including our own work.

    Policy agenda
    LCHC envisions a healthier Louisiana, and advocates for policy changes that will lead to measurable improvements in the state's healthcare system. In five years, we plan to see that health access, coverage and quality is improved in Louisiana. Our initial policy priorities include:

    1. Defending and expanding Medicaid coverage
    Louisiana has one of the strictest Medicaid-eligibility programs in the country, which means people who qualify for Medicaid services in other states are not eligible in Louisiana. Those who have Medicaid can go without access to a doctor due to low Medicaid provider reimbursement rates. Thus, LCHC supports an increase in the tobacco tax as a way to fund: expanded Medicaid coverage, increased payment rates to Medicaid providers, and preservation of "safety net care" for vulnerable populations, and will consider other funding mechanisms and rules changes that succeed in strengthening the state's Medicaid program.

    2. Requiring greater transparency and consumer input relative to the Medicaid waiver process.
    The Jindal Administration is proposing major and questionable changes to the Medicaid program. LCHC seeks to slow the pace of this process to secure greater stakeholder and consumer input. We also want to make sure proposed changes will improve the health of Louisianians, and that change to the health care system of Louisiana ensures high-quality health care is available to everyone.

    3. Improving the healthcare delivery system
    We believe this can be done by eliminating health care disparities, improving patient safety, improving access to consumer-friendly health care quality and patient safety data, and expanding access to primary care services.

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